User Guide

You have Three Options to create your personalized figurine


1. Download 3Doll APP.

Discover your creativity and you can get a 3D printed figurine designed by yourself. The resemblance varies from person to person.

Download 3Doll APP Now!


2. Upload your photos to website

We build the model for you. Save your time and resemblance is very high. Front photo is required and both sides’ photos are high recommended. The more information we have, the more resembled 3D figurine you get.

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3. In store 3D scan.

Highest resemblance. We scan full body or bust, and the 3D printed figurine shows exactly what we scanned at that moment. For more information, please contact us at

Find Another You from Hundreds of Characters!

Best Surprised Gift for Your loved Ones!

 Memories can be preserved in many ways, but 3Doll gives you a fun way to commemorate!

You can put your figurine in your house to show your house guests, it “pops-up” much better than photographs.

You can put your figurine on your work desk, and it will accompany you during those long overtime nights and challenges.

Most importantly, you can make gift figurines for your dearest family and friends. Imagine their faces when you give these gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and more!

Gift for your parents and let them experience the amazing advances in technology.

Gift for your partner and let everyday be Valentine’s Day.

Gift for your kids and they can remember the moment.

Gift for your friends and see if they can take your jokes:

Gift for your team and celebrate your bid days.