3Doll Website Upload Process

1How do I choose the optimal photo to upload?

     Make sure the photo you chose meets the requirements.

     a.     The face is in the center of the measurement lines

     b.     The photo is taken in a well-lit area 

     c.     Display a relaxed and complete shape of the face (relaxed means do not smile or display teeth, but make sure your forehead and ears are visible)

2. What are the front and side photos like?


     To get the best accurate 3D shape of your head, using both front and side photos are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Only one front photo results in 70% resemblance, and using both sides’ photos results in as high as 95% resemblance!

Photos like this:

3. What are the hair options?

For some models, we provide different hair models. Please indicate what hairstyle and color you would like with the body option.

4. What is the process?

Please leave your email when purchasing your order. After we get your payment, we will send over your full body model by email to get your approval. The printing time is one week. And you will get your mini-me figurine very soon!!!

5. What are the order statuses?

Processing – We are working on the model.

Modeling – We send over the model by email and wait for your approval.

Printing – The model has been approved and your figurine is in printing.

Please note: Since the product is quite personalized, it cannot be cancelled or refund once it goes to printing status. Thank you for your understanding!

6. What is my 3D figurine like?


Please see detailed comparison between design and object.