3Doll APP User Guide

Easy 3 STEPS to Make Your Personalized 3D FIGURINE Using 3Doll APP!

                                         Take a photo                                                   Choose a body                                                             Order a print                                         You have one 3D printed figurine on hand!



1. How do I choose the optimal photo for 3D rendering?


Choose a well-lit front facing photo that shows the complete shape of your face. Make sure your ears, forehead are not covered and do not widen your mouth too much. 

Make sure the photo you chose meets the requirements:

        a.     The face is in the center of the measurement lines.

        b.     The photo is taken in a well-lit area.

        c.     Display a relaxed and complete shape of the face (relaxed means do not smile or display teeth, but make sure your forehead and ears are visible).

Like this:


2. What does the photo touch-up feature do?


If you are not satisfied with the quality of the photo, we have added a photo touch-up feature within the app, its main functions are:

a.     Skin whitening and grinding

b.     Blemish removal

c.     Cheek shape touch-up

d.     Eye touch-up


 3. How do I choose the correct outline of my face?


The application will automatically find points on your photos, but you can also manually adjust to more accurately outline a face shape. There are two points on the eyes, two points on the temple parallel to the eyes, two points on the bottom sides of the nose, and two on the sides of the mouth, two in the sides of the cheek and one on the chin for a total of 11 points.


4. Make sure your network connection is stable (wifi suggested), and wait for the completion notification, then you have got the figurine in your hands!


5. How do I find a figurine that suits me?


3Doll has a variety of different body figures for all ages. Search in our “Figurine Library” to find popular themes the large selections available in each theme, you will definitely find a figure that suits you!


6. How do I share my 3D model with my friends on social media?


After making your model, you can finally share it with your friends! You can share it in your Facebook. Or simply save it in your camera roll and share away!

7. What is my 3D figurine like?

 Please see detailed comparison between design and object.


8. What can I do with my 3D printed figurine?


Memories can be preserved in many ways, but 3Doll gives you a fun way to commemorate!

You can put your figurine in your house to show your house guests, it “pops-up” much better than photographs.

You can put your figurine on your work desk, and it will accompany you during those long overtime nights and challenges.

Most importantly, you can make gift figurines for your dearest family and friends. Imagine their faces when you give these gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and more!